A Metaverse-related coin story — The Sandbox (SAND)

Hello everyone, I once again brought you guys an interesting story.

By Justin Lee on Vulcan Post

Do you by any chance enjoy online games? Today we’re going to learn about one of the well-known Metaverse projects, The Sandbox Metaverse. The Sandbox is a gaming platform that’s gaining users and getting a solid spot with its simple tools and instructions.

And just like that, coins are getting a spot as well!

To talk a little bit about sandbox coins, the coin symbol is SAND, which was issued in 2011 and has a bright future ahead of it.

By TheSandboxGame on YouTube

The Sandbox Metaverse

First of all, Sandbox is a 3D gaming platform that users can create themselves.

Without having to learn complex and difficult coding, you can easily create a game using a development tool called Game Maker.

By Game From Scratch

Users can trade and purchase items, build assets, and generate profits.

This is called the P2E system (Play to earn; a system that allows for making money on games).

The items used here are bought and sold in the form of NFT, resulting in a virtual revenue.

Also, all transaction information will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the possibility of manipulation and loss.


From The Sandbox

As I mentioned earlier, SAND is the monetary unit used in The Sandbox game and the monetary unit of The Sandbox coin itself.

It is an ERC-20 token, the second largest Ethereum blockchain-based basic Metaverse token.

You can trade, buy, and sell with SAND.


By Bitcoin.com Media

LAND is an in-game asset.

It is an asset that can be traded and purchased as it consists of NFT tokens.

Compared to the real world, it is similar to the concept of real estate.

LAND, just like buying and selling land, you own LAND and buy your house digitally.

Your ownership will be created within The Sandbox Metaverse.

If you own LAND, you can also generate profits on a rental basis.

Alpha Pass

By @TheSandboxGame on Twitter

Alpha Pass is an admission ticket given to only a few people.

Owners of Alpha Pass can solve given missions in the game and generate profits by receiving rewards in cryptocurrency.

The Sandbox — Basic Tools

The Sandbox users usually use three programs.

The first program is called Voxel Editor which generates NFTs.

By Fabian on i.materialise

It’s a program that can create assets.

The second program is called Marketplace.

By The Sandbox on Medium

Here, you can trade and purchase NFTs generated by Voxel Editor.

It becomes a profit-generating platform.

The third is Game Maker.

By The Sandbox Alpha Version

With this program, you can create and build games and gain game experience in the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox NFT

If you plan to use The Sandbox, NFT is essential.

All items and characters used in the gaming platform are traded by NFT, so profits can be generated.

We learned about The Sandbox Metaverse today! I’m planning to introduce more Metaverses one by one, so if you have any questions related to The Sandbox, coin, or NFT, you are always welcome here. Have a great day everyone!

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